Freelance is the Future, and the Future is Now

The Future of Work

Freelance workers are growing in number every year, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, freelancers will be the majority of the workforce by 2027, There are many reasons that this is the case, but three of the big ones are freedom, a desire to work remotely, and the chance to boost earnings.

Sweet, Sweet Freedom

People want freedom, flexibility, and autonomy in the workplace, and they are turning to freelance work in order to find it.

A big part of the appeal is that freelancers get to dictate and manage their own schedules. If you’ve ever had an overbearing boss micromanaging your every move, you understand how stifling it can be. Paro freelancer Alex relishes the freedom he gets by being his own boss.“I can go get a haircut, do a workout during the day, or take a random Thursday off if I want,” he said.

Another Paro member, Sibylle, finds similar joy in working the hours she wants, when she wants. “I sometimes start at 7, sometimes at 10. This freedom suits me very well because I don’t like feeling trapped at a desk,” she said.

Work From Anywhere  

Many people have an aversion to offices, plain and simple. There is just something off-putting about the politics, the fluorescent lights, and the endless distractions. Freelance allows you to work from anywhere.

“Working remotely is key to my work happiness,” Paro freelancer Sibylle shared. Commuting to an office was a burden, but now, she gets to set up her workspace exactly how she likes it and she is not limited by distractions.

Earn More Money

“Why am I getting billed out for $700 per hour but not seeing all that money?” That’s what Paro freelancer Alex found himself asking while working for his old company, and it’s a position familiar to many highly skilled finance professionals. You do the heavy lifting, but the firm takes a huge percentage, often 75%-90%, of what you make.

But it’s not just people at the upper levels of the finance industry who can benefit from freelancing. Anyone with skills and free time can join the freelance revolution.

The Future is Now

Millions of people are hoping to find work they enjoy at a fair rate with flexible hours, and the right freelance job can offer this. If you are a finance professional who wants to own your income potential and be matched with top clients,  register with Paro today!

Sibylle is a full-charge bookkeeper who pursues accuracy and completeness in her work with gusto. Sibylle enjoys singing and working with textiles and beads.

Alex is former Big 4 CPA and FDD consultant with corporate experience in the e-commerce, manufacturing and food & beverage space. Alex enjoys traveling with his wife to any country that is known for its street food!

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