How Long Does It Take to Ramp Up a Paro Bookkeeper?

How Long Does It Take to-Ramp Up a Paro Bookkeeper?

As you consider enlisting Paro’s top-rated bookkeeping services, you may be asking yourself how long the ramping-up process takes. In short: not long! 

Like many, you may think that hiring a bookkeeper is a time-consuming process, that there isn’t existing infrastructure already set up to work successfully with a virtual bookkeeper. Most of all, you may be concerned an outside accountant may not be able to understand that unique way you’ve set up your business or accounts.

In fact, these are all inaccurate assumptions that we at Paro have debunked for all our clients.

As a matter of fact, we pride ourselves on turning the process of hiring a bookkeeper into a simple journey. As a client, none of the financial aspects of your business or personal accounts will be lost in translation as our experts handle your accounting.

The process of ramping up a bookkeeper with Paro follows the below steps: 

1. Establish a Statement of Work

With each new project kickoff, our algorithm selects a few freelancers that would be an ideal fit for the specific project. Clients are able to interview each freelancer to narrow it down to a better fit.

After going through and finding the right fit with your bookkeeper, we establish accurate and precise milestones through a complete Statement of Work (SOW). Together, your bookkeeper will assess your needs and provide specifics of deliverables and what they need to accomplish the project. 

2. Starting the relationship 

Once the SOW and confidentiality papers are signed, you’re officially a client! You’ll typically receive an email from a Paro representative to officially introduce you to your bookkeeper. 

Together, you will establish a timeline of deliverables, frequency of communication, and what the work relationship should look like. 

3. Allowing access to necessary documents

After establishing the relationship, the bookkeeper will inform you what specific documents they need to obtain, or what specific access they need. Moving forward, this process will be facilitated by a new checklist built to link to the Paro platform.

At this point, the client has already provided the information needed to start their work!

This process doesn’t have to be extensive—as long as the client provides quick and immediate access to all the required documents. Once done, it reduces the need for a constant back-and-forth between bookkeepers and clients. 

4. The bookkeeper does the work!

After gathering all the necessary information required to begin conquering the deliverables on the SOW, your bookkeeper will dive into tackling their projects. 

At Paro, our accountants are independent. As such, they will not be interrupting you repeatedly asking for additional information. Instead, they’ll create a running list of questions to address with you all at once in order to allow you to focus on higher-level tasks.

Typically, clients are only looped in when absolutely necessary. However, in case you’d like to check your books or have any concern about these, you do have access to them at any time.

5. The scope can always be changed

The reality is that, whether in business or in your personal affairs, things change. Because Paro bookkeepers are excellent at their jobs, occasionally they realize that one aspect of the project is a little more complex than originally quoted. 

When circumstances change as a result of discoveries that arise during the bookkeeping process, the scope will be changed accordingly. This is why hiring our services is a reliable way to maintain your books—it will ensure that your records are always accurate.

6. Let the process happen

After this initial process of getting to know the work style of your bookkeeper, of them understanding how you would like your books done, the monthly maintenance of your accounts requires minimal effort on your part. Every month, your assigned bookkeeper will go in to your books, and verify all transactions performed so that come tax season, you’re all ready. 

In the same way, he/she reconciles the applicable accounts and follows up on any open items or questions. After concluding his/her work, the bookkeeper will close the books and hand back the related financials to you.

To ensure your success as you and your bookkeeper work together, here are a few tips:

  • Provide the requested documentation to your assigned financial expert as soon as possible. This will ensure a quick turnover, and makes sure that all questions are promptly answered.
  • Prioritize communication with your bookkeeper! This is the best way to guarantee the most effective and productive process. Feel free to review your books at the end of the month, and provide feedback to your accountant. Not only will this cause the process to run more smoothly, but it will also motivate and encourage your assigned financial expert.
  • Don’t hesitate to establish timelines. Setting deadlines will help both you and your accountant communicate and work together more effectively.
  • Allow your accountant to do the work! You should give your bookkeeper the time to dig into your books and do what they’re actually good at. This will avoid you wasting time engaging in unproductive back-and-forth.

All in all, when the above steps and additional rules for success are followed, you should enjoy a productive relationship with your Paro bookkeeper. As a matter of fact, you will appreciate the mutually beneficial and smooth interaction this will create. Most importantly, you will benefit from accurate, timely and value-adding professional bookkeeping that will take your business and personal accounts to the next level.

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