by Michelle Wang


As a growing business, cashflow is critical to surviving and thriving.

Using credit cards have many benefits and of course carry some risk, but also are a helpful tool for account reconciliation.

Paro’s CFO Dan Wywrot was featured in a recent article at the American Express Business blog on credit cards and reconciliation.

[Wywrot] says Paro has business cards for department heads, so when expenses come in the bookkeeper or accountant knows how to group the transaction.

“They already know if this charge came from the head of sales, it’s going to be a sales-related expense. If it’s from the VP of engineering it’s probably going to be a tech-related expense. You already have a head start and that’s going to result in a less of a headache for your bookkeeper and less of a headache for you,” Wywrot says.

To read the full article on the American Express blog follow this link.