Melissa S.

Charlie’s support is appreciated. I particularly like it when he offers suggestions and recommendations for best practices — I would like for him to do this even more.

Paul B.

My businesses are somewhat complex, at least the fact that there are so many elements to keep track of, and Paro’s accountant does a wonderful job with each of them.

Amy A.

Our Paro Financial Professional, Kevin, is so easy and pleasant to work with. Really takes the time to understand my goals, formulate a plan and then execute it.

Courtney M.

The bookkeeper we are working with through Paro is a rockstar — The best decision I’ve made to help my own booming freelance business grow.

Renee G.

Our Paro Accountant, Inez, is the most competent accountant I have had the pleasure of working with. I cannot recommend her enough due to her clear understanding of accounting processes and tools, and her attention to detail and quality. She is an absolutely lifesaver...