Dear friends of Paro,

Thanksgiving is the absolute best holiday for food: roasted turkey, creamed spinach, fresh-out-of-the-oven rolls, mashed potatoes… Even the cranberry sauce is amazing. (Mouth watering yet? Mine is.)  But, in anticipation of Thursday’s feast, I often forget to think about what I have to be thankful for, especially when it comes to the professional side of my life. I’ve learned a lot these last two years starting and leading Paro… things like: it is so important to celebrate small wins, to take a moment to acknowledge a colleague, or to pause and reflect.

So here it goes… my post-pause reflection.

We have so many things to be grateful for at Paro this year:

  • We’ve grown and continue to grow quickly!
  • The Paro Home Team is now 15 awesome, dedicated, enthusiastic team players deep.
  • We launched our technology platform (and have already made multiple upgrades).
  • We were featured in Inc., Forbes, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, Observer, and several other high profile publications.
  • We established our values as our guideposts, and strive to live them every day: Enjoy the journey, Have each other’s backs, Do the right thing, Take smart risks, Never settle, Be yourself.
  • Most of all, we are grateful for you: our clients and our freelancers. So, what better time than Thanksgiving to tell you?

To our clients:

Thank you for trusting Paro with what can often feel like the most intimate part of your business: your finances. Thank you for feedback–both positive and constructive–so we can continue to serve you better. Thank you for challenging us to think creatively, problem-solve and constantly evaluate the experience we’re creating for you. Hopefully, we will only continue to get better. Please keep the feedback coming!

To our freelancers:

Thank you for trusting Paro to bring you interesting and lucrative projects (and for bearing with us as we continue to grow that pipeline of projects). Thank you for sharing your finance talents with us and our clients. Thank you for feedback–on our tech platform, on onboarding processes, on the tools we’re building for you. Thank you for your ideas, your enthusiasm, and your grit.

With profound thanks,

Michael Burdick
Co-founder & CEO