Why Paro? Three Freelancers Share Their Experience

Why Paro? Three Freelancers Share Their Experience

Financial professionals have more options than ever before with freelancing and part-time work available. At Paro, we take this very seriously and wanted to hear from three of our freelancers on what their experience using Paro has been.

The short version is, they love the flexibility Paro provides, the money they can earn, the quality of clients they get to work with, and the ease of invoicing.

Paro Builds Your Book Of Business

How do you build a book of business? It’s the ultimate freelancers dilemma, and also the reason that so many people hesitate to make the jump. You know you have the skills and the motivation to succeed at any task, you just aren’t sure if you have the time and energy to drum up the business. That’s where Paro comes in.

Finding good clients as a freelancer can be difficult and frustrating. Paro eliminates all that grunt work by learning exactly what type of work each Paro freelancer does best. Paro then matches them with clients that need their services and industry expertise.

Paro freelancers rave about the extensive vetting process all freelancers take part in when they join the Paro network. This comprehensive evaluation allows Paro to learn about their freelancer’s expertise so they can pair you with the right jobs.

“The number one best part about Paro is the quality of clients they send my way,” said bookkeeper Sibylle, who grew frustrated with the low-quality matches she was getting using other platforms.

Similarly, Alex, an experienced financial consultant, is impressed by Paro’s matching abilities. “Paro is always in the background finding new opportunities that are perfectly matched with my skill set,” he said.

Paro Can Fill Your Schedule

Eliza, a Paro bookkeeper, had never freelanced before and wasn’t sure what to expect when she signed up with Paro. She was matched with clients almost immediately. “I figured it would be a slow start, but Paro packed my schedule from day one,” Eliza said. Eliza said that the earnings potential as a freelancer is “only limited by your work ethic” and that her earnings have gone up exponentially over the past few months.

“I have had to turn down a couple Paro jobs because I already have a full schedule,” said Alex. “I could easily have a full schedule entirely with jobs I get from Paro.”

Paro Makes Invoicing a Breeze

Every freelancer has struggled with invoicing. What dates work best for the client? Will they do direct deposit? It can be a constant battle, and dealing with money issues can quickly complicate an otherwise smooth client relationship.

Paro’s intuitive dashboard makes everything simple. “I log my hours on Paro’s easy-to-use platform, and they do the rest in terms of invoicing,” said Eliza. “I don’t ever have to talk to the client about it. It is such a valuable service!”

Sibylle, concurs, telling us that, when compared with other invoicing processes she has been a part of, Paro’s invoicing “is easier and so much less time-consuming.”

Paro Provides Autonomy

Whether you want to pick up some extra side work or become a full-time freelancer, Paro can be of benefit.

Our users spoke highly about how Paro allows them to live the lifestyle they want to live. Alex appreciates that the company always puts the freelancer first. “You set how many hours you are available to Paro, and they respect that. They will never bring you opportunities that they know you can’t fulfill,” he said.

It’s hard to imagine a regular job providing you with Paro-esque flexibility to work exactly when you want and how you want, which is probably why more and more of the workforce is moving toward freelancing.

Make the Leap with Paro

Eliza puts it best: “Paro has a lot of work to give. I could have tried to do it all on my own but having Paro is like having an agent that does the hard part, which is invaluable.”

If you are a finance professional interested in freelancing and looking for confidence in the quality of clients, income predictability from a steady client flow, and ease in invoicing, you need to check out Paro.

Sibylle is a full-charge bookkeeper who pursues accuracy and completeness in her work with gusto. Sibylle enjoys singing and working with textiles and beads.

Alex is former Big 4 CPA and FDD consultant with corporate experience in the e-commerce, manufacturing and food & beverage space.Alex enjoys traveling with his wife to any country that is known for their street food, never one to shy away from local cuisine!

Eliza is a detail-oriented Director of Finance with bookkeeping and project management experience.In her spare time she loves biking, yoga, and camping.

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