Customer Stories

See how companies big and small are successfully improving their bottom line by outsourcing financial tasks.

EST Group

EST Group is a struggling company, until a Paro expert offers CFO strategy to turn the business around and grow it in value.

AVIA Health Innovation

AVIA Health Innovation looks to Paro to help manage end-of-year audit stress, and streamline current practices.

Buy-side due diligence

How a venture capital firm used a Paro expert to assess a potential investment.

Bench Prep

Gaining clear, actionable business insights for Bench Prep, a hypergrowth Chicago company

CPA Whitelabel

Overcoming the illusion of capacity with a prestigious Chicago CPA firm.

Kinley Corporation

Kinley Corporation, a 110-year-old general contractor, cut costs in half and positioned themselves for future growth with Paro.

MEG Business Management

MEG Business Management provides physical therapy business coaching and billing solutions for private practice owners.


Developed a flexible model to help a growing company raise their next round of funding.

Felix and Fingers

Paro helped Felix and Fingers implement the financial infrastructure needed to meet their expansion goals.

Tenacity Project

Paro cut Tenacity’s costs by $4,000 per month, while improving their financial insights.


Eliminated the pain of an unexpected resignation by onboarding an interim controller immediately. Paro was able to match, contract, and place an interim controller before the previous controller left.


OfficeLuv needed a controller—someone who was knowledgeable about their industry, could ramp up quickly, and was adept at all basic financial tasks.