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Managing your multi-location, multi-physician practice has never been easier with Paro. Our highly-vetted professionals understand the rigid financial regulations and compliance-driven procedures that shape the healthcare sector. Worry less about the numbers so you can focus on what really matters—your patients.

Paro understands the distinct financial needs of your practices. Whether you’re looking to optimize your insurance revenue cycles, monitor risk, or anything in between, we connect you with highly-specialized, top-tier financial talent.

Discover your true potential for revenue growth by connecting with a Paro expert today.

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Our talented pool of verified experts represents the top 2% of finance talent. They have hands-on experience working with multi-physician and multi-location practices, and are excited to partner with healthcare practices just like yours. With an average of 15 years of accounting experience, our talent is prepared to jump right in and provide instant value.


Our experts are well-versed in the unique regulations of the healthcare space. A Paro professional will help you navigate these complexities even as they change, ensuring you always remain informed and compliant.


Paro’s experts are efficient, cost-effective resources you can depend on. Paro will transform your finance department, allowing you to increase your top line, better allocate resources to grow, and improve your processes. 

Our Vision

Paro is your trusted resource for building a frictionless financial department. We find the best expert talent for your business to ensure immediate results. Forming a one-to-one partnership with our industry professionals enables you to make better, smarter choices for your growing business.

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