Paro is looking for CPAs to join its freelance network

Join Paro’s elite network of fractional financial professionals.

Right now, we’re specifically searching for tax preparers and tax reviewers to support 2021’s upcoming busy season. Freelancers for public accounting firms averaged more than $10k per month through their Paro-originated projects last year!

Apply to the network today and begin booking your business for the upcoming busy season.


Open Freelance & Part-Time Finance Jobs

Why Paro

We Match You.

high quality clients with needs that match your expertise and interests ready to get you to work.

You're Supported.

After you’ve landed your client, you can count on continuous support from the Paro Home Team.


Access to an Elite Community.

You will never feel alone as part of our elite network of remote experts. Within the Paro platform we offer community interaction with other network members.


On Your Terms.

Our platform provides you the ability to set your own rate and hours and to actively manage the types of projects that you work on. After all, you know your expertise, your business, and your lifestyle better than anyone else.

When Firms Reach Busy Season Bandwidth, They Call Paro.

Paro’s tax and public accounting freelancers are shattering the illusion of capacity during the financial world’s busiest time of year.

Here’s just one example:

Paro’s client, a 50-year-old CPA and financial advisory firm, faced this difficult decision. If they hired full-time employees, they wouldn’t have enough work for the rest of the year to justify additional salaries and benefits. Contract professionals were also a consideration, but they risked compromising the firm’s reputation with low-quality talent that could take weeks to find, train, and onboard.

Instead, they partnered with Paro to hire a fractional tax expert who spent 380 hours over 2.5 months with the firm. That meant zero wasted hours, 100% utilization, maximum profitability, and minimal margins. Because the firm was already at capacity with internal hours, the result was pure profit for the business and tens of thousands of dollars in the freelancer’s pockets. What’s not to love about that?

Your Expertise, the Paro Platform

Through our exclusive, proprietary platform.

We give you access to the tools you need, so you can focus on your projects. Our robust platform is home base for our virtual experts; from being matched to opportunities with our proprietary matchmaking algorithm, to scoping out jobs on our board, and even tracking your time. You can do it all, right there on Paro’s platform.

Through ongoing, continued support.

We help you get the job done. By providing exclusive personal support to you from beginning to end, we strive to eliminate the pain points of being an independent worker. You’ll always have someone to turn to, ensuring both you and your clients have the best experience possible. We’ve got your back while you work to build your business.

Who Are Our Experts?

Interested in growing your business, building your lifestyle, and earning more by being matched with qualified clients? We take pride in knowing that our experts are the best in the business. Our multi-step vetting process ensures that you have the skills and financial expertise to thrive in the marketplace.

Interested in Becoming a Paro Expert?

High quality, vetted clients with needs and industries to match your unique skills and interests.

From CFO strategy to budget creation, our clients need assistance with a variety of projects across industries. We match you with the engagements you find interesting based on your industry, background and skills. And, with 150+ industries, 150+ in-demand skills and 100+ softwares, you’re sure to find a perfect-fit project matched to your expertise.

Explore Freelancer Opportunties

Robust Application

Paro matches you to the exact finance experts you need based on industry, experience, and technology fit.

Skills Assessment

Our proprietary assessment evaluates each applicant’s proficiency.

Interview with Paro Experience Manager

All our experts go through a practice proposal call to demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively.

Background Check

A background check is performed through a third-party provider to confirm a candidate's experience.

Profile Review

Once accepted into the network, you will receive hands-on guidance from one of our dedicated Experience Managers to help you get started.