Paro for CPA Firms

Hiring and training a new full-time employee for a technically challenging, time-sensitive engagement can be difficult to justify and can pose utilization risk. Separately, a contractor could take weeks to find, train and onboard. Paro was built to handle this common predicament.

What Paro Can Do for You

  • Identify the perfect-fit tax and accounting experts for your unique set of needs, software and industry.
  • Deploy top 2% financial professionals in as little as 2 days!
  • Provide your firm the flexibility, convenience and expertise of fractional tax, accounting or finance experts when you need them (for a quarter the cost of traditional employment).

Best of all, because Paro’s financial professionals are highly vetted, the majority of our experts have public accounting experience, so you can be sure they won’t miss a beat.

See how Paro for CPA Firms can transform your firm’s resourcing challenges.

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Case Study | Paro for CPA Firms

Regional Accounting Firm Turns Staffing Deficit Into 10–15% Top Line Growth

Paro for CPA Firms free Download


Subject Matter Expertise When You Need It