Access Paro’s Financial Solutions

We’re excited to announce that Lightspeed portfolio companies now have access to flexible finance and accounting solutions through Paro’s exclusive network of highly vetted, on-demand experts.

What to Expect

Every Paro engagement begins with a complimentary 30–45 minute financial consultation to truly understand your company’s specific needs. There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter finance solution, so this ensures we’re tailoring your solution to your unique goals.

What Paro can help you accomplish

  • Establishing best-practice, seed-level bookkeeping and accounting hygiene
  • Unit economics: Creating your key KPIs to facilitate investor communication 
  • Cash flow modeling to execute simple scenario analysis and measure liquidity until your next fundable milestone 

Paro is pleased to offer Lightspeed portfolio companies a 10% discount on your first year of services.

Paro for Lightspeed Venture Partners



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