The Freelance Trustfall | Guidelines for Effectively Working with Financial Freelancers

Everything you need to know about working with financial freelancers in your businesses. Think of freelancers as a quick way to alleviate issues and tasks that their team doesn’t have the bandwidth for. More often than not, when working with a financial freelancer, decision-makers can often encounter feelings of hesitancy, fear, and distrust creeping in before the work even gets started. This webinar identifies the areas that are often the hardest for businesses to navigate when working with financial freelancers to ensure you are making the most of your newly contracted relationship. In this info session, you’ll also get:


  • Clarity in communication is the key when it comes to building trust with a third-party.
  • Giving access to sensitive materials and platforms can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • Fractional work doesn’t mean inconsistent work.