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Crush the illusion of capacity and tap into a pure profit center with Paro White Label

What do you do when your clients need more work completed during the busy season than your firm has available staffing hours?

Hiring and training a new, full-time employee for a technically challenging, time-sensitive engagement can be difficult to justify and pose utilization risk. Separately, a contractor could take weeks to find, train, and onboard. This common predicament is exactly why Paro was built.

Paro identifies the perfect-fit tax and accounting contractors for your unique set of needs, software, and industry. We offer your firm the flexibility, convenience and expertise of a fractional tax, accounting or finance expert when you need them (and, for a quarter of the cost of traditional employment).

Transform the way your firm handles busy season.

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Best of all? Because Paro’s network is highly-vetted, the majority of our experts have Public Accounting experience, so you can be sure they won’t miss a beat. See how a white label partnership with Paro can transform your firm’s busiest season.

Who We Partner With

Paro teams up with businesses just like yours for white label support.

Wells Coleman
J.A. Solari & Partners
Frazier & Deeter

White Label Solutions In Action

When there’s more work during busy season than your firm has availability, what do you do?

Paro’s client, a 50-year-old CPA and financial advisory firm, faced this difficult decision. If they hired full-time employees, they wouldn’t have enough work for the rest of the year to justify additional salaries and benefits. Contract professionals were also a consideration, but they risked compromising the firm’s reputation with low-quality talent that could take weeks to find, train, and onboard.

Instead, they partnered with Paro to hire a fractional tax expert for a quarter of the cost, saving over $70,000 in expenses.
With this particular engagement, our fractional expert worked 380 hours over 2.5 months. For the firm, that meant zero wasted hours, 100% utilization, maximum profitability, and minimal margins. Because the firm was already at capacity with internal hours, the result was pure profit. What’s not to love about that?

Tap into the power of a pure profit center with Paro, and destroy the illusion of capacity.

Consider These As You Make Your Decision

No matter where you are in the decision-making process, we want to help. Use these lists to identify your current stage, and to prepare you for what’s needed to identify a perfect-fit white-label solution for your business.

Still Exploring Your Options?

  • Consider how you’ll engage with remote talent
  • Establish best practices (software, workflow, process)
  • Identify, “what does a potential engagement look like?” with a white label solution
  • Understand the needed optimization of systems to create efficiencies

Ready To Make a Decision?

  • Pinpoint the type of service needed for your business
  • Establish the expected volume of hours and timeframe
  • Do you need specific software expertise? (eg. UltraTax, CCH Prosystems, Lacerte, etc.)
  • What specific qualifications (EA/CPA; Industry/Return type, etc.) does your expert need?